STARTUPin Program

Let’s build the next generation in-store commerce together.

We’re on a mission to become the most trusted technology partner enabling the ecosystem in the new world of payment acceptance.

Join Startupin, our start-up engagement program, and help us shape the future of in-store commerce.

STARTUPin Program
Your gateway to IN-store

The Startupin Program focuses on early-stage start-ups that are either in-store natives or have plans to enter the in-store space in the future. If you need to embed payment and commerce capabilities into your product or services and you are looking to tap into go-to-market routes to the in-store commerce space, then we should have a chat!

The program will give you access to Ingenico’s technology stack, payment expertise and commerce ecosystem during your product design and development phase. The Startupin Program also serves to promote the join activities and collaboration between the program alumni and Ingenico to ecosystem partners. It’s a win-win-win!


Who can join?

We’re on the lookout for early-stage start-ups (seeds & series A) in the fields of FinTech, TechFin, and commerce solutions as SaaS vendors.


Program objectives

As a first step, our target is the creation of a jointly-built Proof of Concept (POC).
Upon validation of the POC, the solution may be industrialized and added to Ingenico’s payment and commerce ecosystem.


Why join?

Remove payments complexity and accelerate your time to market.
Future-proof your solution and make it compatible with new routes to market.
Get exposure to Ingenico’s customers and partners network to promote your solutions and services.
Be associated to Ingenico’s brand through our promotion & marketing effort.

Your STARTUPin journey with us

Qualify for the program

We qualify an opportunity to work together

Get on board

We sign a Memorandum of Understanding

Get trained

We give you access to experts and resources

Integrate, Test & Validate

We support you to deliver our jointly-built POC

Promote & Showcase

We build a promotion plan and we open our network to you

Join our APP Showcase and gain exposure to Ingenico’s customers and partners network to promote your solutions and services.

See and be seen at Paytech Summit, our annual and global partner event.

Upon graduation, become an official PartnerIN Program partner and enjoy a wide range of benefits to help you grow your profitability and support your go-to-market.

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