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Get the Best Strategies to Build the Future of Payment Acceptance

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You already know that payment acceptance is driven by merchants and consumers habits. But do you know what are the key challenges merchants and retailers are and how to respond to them ?

Edgar, Dunn & Company, in collaboration with Ingenico, is pleased to share the results of a survey conducted across a broad spectrum of payment services providers and retailers, backed up with extensive secondary research: "The Future of Payment Acceptance, how digital payments are changing the consumer-merchant relationship"

With a blend of expert analysis and forward-looking perspectives, this white paper is designed to empower merchants, banks, and payment service providers alike to stay ahead in a rapidly changing market by addressing their top discussion topics: partnerships, loyalty, speed to market, technology & innovation and SoftPOS.

Why Download This White Paper?

  • Discover Emerging Trends: Learn about the shifts in consumer behavior and technology that are redefining payment acceptance.

  • Strategic Frameworks: Gain access to our merchant management framework that outlines the path to leveraging digital payment solutions effectively.

  • Innovative Solutions: Explore how implementing new technologies and embracing data analytics can create seamless, personalized customer experiences.

  • And more.

Download your copy now and see how the industry views the future of payment acceptance and what are the strategies that will help you win in the years ahead.

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